My name is Andrew Ferren.

I am a photographer in Des Moines, Iowa.

I want to share with the rest of the world how awesome you are.

I was born in Iowa, and have lived here my entire life. I have traveled all over the country, and consistently feel at home when I return, so I plan to stay! I have been involved in playing, recording, and partaking in most anything music for most of my life. I have traveled as an audio engineer, recorded a plethora of albums, all the way down to working as a lesson instructor for several years - you could say it is a pretty big part of my life! I enjoy doing most anything that involves going fast or on two wheels, doing all things technical, or lounging on the couch with my dogs, Carl & Toby and wonderful girlfriend of 6 years, Heidi!

On the flip side, I am most certainly not a fan of fish or being cold, and I am fairly confident I like less foods than anyone you know.

I am extremely passionate about the technical side of photography, understanding every aspect of how an image comes together, and strive for perfection in every possible aspect of a photo, alongside bringing incredible emotion to carry through in your images forever. Shooting film is an outlet for me for perfection, as you have to break down an image, breathe, and really understand what you are doing and wait for the perfect moment.


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